Fayetteville Shale boom gone bust | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The glory days of the Fayetteville Shale are over. The main drillers are gone. What remains is sobering. Businesses have closed. Once-bustling highways are mostly empty now, and equipment sits idle along the roadsides.  

As casinos’ streak cools, Tunica County boom withers | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

In Tunica County, home to eight casinos, the strike-gold opportunity expected to pull the rural Southern community out of poverty has seemingly fizzled, leaving some to question what the county has to show for it. 

North Carolina doctors see jump in opioid-related payments | Triad Business Journal

North Carolina stood out as one of the few states to see non-research related opioid payments to doctors and teaching hospitals increase in 2016, a year in which such payments declined nationally by 34 percent.

Can this little-known company save Morehead Memorial Hospital? | Triad Business Journal

Empower iHCC’s offer to takeover Morehead Memorial Hospital and all of its assets is being touted by officials with both parties as the best option for the Eden facility's survival. 
But little is known about Empower, which sprung up in Miami, Fla. two weeks ago, raising questions about the company’s ability to make Morehead Memorial financially stable, much less its capacity to make investments — as desired by the hospital’s trustees — to upgrade and expand its services.

Wake up, Triad Employers: The opioid crisis is real, it's here and it can cost you money  | Triad Business Journal

The opioid epidemic’s grip on the U.S. is continuing to tighten, and the crisis is seeping into the offices of American businesses. Employers and managers are facing the difficult task of watching their peers battle addiction and determining what steps to take to help them. 

Planet LabCorp: How the Burlington company is becoming a life sciences superpower | Triad Business Journal

After spending almost a decade on an acquisition spree, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings  has bolstered its services beyond laboratory diagnostics, and in doing so, the company has placed itself on the world stage. But the company’s growth hasn’t just been for size and scale; the diversification of its operations and new partnerships also are aimed at cementing its place in an evolving health care market.

 With a fresh start, former Morehead Memorial looks to tackle rural health care challenges | Triad Business Journal

Morehead Memorial Hospital has been bought UNC Health Care, but the hospital's future is not yet secure.The leaders of the hospital and UNC Health Care are now tasked with figuring out a viable model for delivering care at a time rural health care is being upended by issues ranging from rising costs to declines in reimbursement.

Forums set up to quell fears of immigrants | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

When Francisco Lira's 8-year-old daughter Lizette woke up the day after the presidential election and found out Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, she began to cry. 

"Why does he hate us so much?" Lizette asked her father.

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