Fayetteville Shale boom gone bust | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The glory days of the Fayetteville Shale are over. The main drillers are gone. What remains is sobering. Businesses have closed. Once-bustling highways are mostly empty now, and equipment sits idle along the roadsides.  

As casinos’ streak cools, Tunica County boom withers | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

In Tunica County, home to eight casinos, the strike-gold opportunity expected to pull the rural Southern community out of poverty has seemingly fizzled, leaving some to question what the county has to show for it. 

Wake up, Triad Employers: The opioid crisis is real, it's here and it can cost you money  | Triad Business Journal

The opioid epidemic’s grip on the U.S. is continuing to tighten, and the crisis is seeping into the offices of American businesses. Employers and managers are facing the difficult task of watching their peers battle addiction and determining what steps to take to help them. 

100 years after Prohibition smashed up its supply, Triad distillery looks for a comeback | Triad Business Journal

Buried in the Lewisville farmland belonging to the Williams family are shards of broken glass, remnants of a time when Prohibition laws sent its prospering distillery — one that on occasion served presidents — to a crashing halt. 

Forums set up to quell fears of immigrants | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

When Francisco Lira's 8-year-old daughter Lizette woke up the day after the presidential election and found out Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, she began to cry. 

"Why does he hate us so much?" Lizette asked her father.

How the Carolinas HealthCare-UNC Health Care merger impacts the Triad | Triad Business Journal

The merger of the health care systems, which will combine their clinical, medical education and research resources, creates a new nonprofit organization that will employ more than 90,000 people and operate 43 hospitals in the Carolinas. 

Women few among Arkansas’ high-paid execs | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Only a few women in the executive suites of Arkansas' largest public companies can say they are among their firms' top earners.

Oil glut, price swoon idle state rigs, workers | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 

Like the rest of the industry, Arkansas oil producers have scaled back their operations — in some cases terminating drilling plans altogether — in response to the price plunge in the global oil market. 

Break’s news called slow | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Two streams of water were forced skyward when a 24-inch pipeline exploded beneath the flooded Arkansas river, releasing 3.9 million cubic feet of natural gas. The pipeline, part of the Texas Eastern Transmission system, crosses the river between Little Rock and North Little Rock, about a mile east of Interstate 30. 

Rules hazy for drone coverage of tornado | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Minutes after a tornado barreled across the state Sunday, a Little Rock television station broadcast aerial footage of smashed recreational vehicles, homes and other storm debris in Mayflower as emergency workers searched for survivors. 

The footage aired by KATV, Channel 7, on Sunday was one of the first glimpses of the scope of damage the storm left in its wake and was captured with a device that is relatively new to the journalism industry: an unmanned aerial vehicle, most commonly referred to as a drone.

Peril in firms like Acxiom? U.S. looks | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the FBI descended on Acxiom Corp.’s Little Rock headquarters. The agents’ task: comb through databases for information about the 19 hijackers who crashed four planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.